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multiple areas of science and
technology,” reads the citation
for the award. Award-winning
TV news anchor Paula Zahn
served as the evening’s Master of
Ceremonies. The event was co-
chaired by Caroline and James
Gertler, Eric Gertler, and Lauren
and John J. Veronis.
“I’ve been passionate about
Israel since high school. So I
was trying to think of a way
to benefit not only Israel, but
the United States,” says Mr.
Zuckerman. “The idea was to
have Israelis study at the high-
est level of technology and sci-
ence in America and vice versa,
for Americans in Israel. The
object is not just the intellectual
accomplishments, but the hope
that they will establish connec-
tions that are personal, profes-
sional and scientific. One plus
one here equals three.”
Mr. Zuckerman is only the
16th person to receive The
Technion Medal, which is
reserved for those who have
made extraordinary efforts
to advance the Technion and
humanity. Previous recipients
include Qualcomm co-founder
and Technion supporter Irwin
M. Jacobs and former Technion
President Gen. (Res.) Amos
“We proudly honor Mort for
his foresight and leadership in
building bridges between the
U.S. and Israel through this
game-changing initiative,” says
Technion President Professor
Peretz Lavie. “Collaboration
and cooperation are crucial in
today’s fast-paced world of
science. This is a win-win for
both countries.”
“These programs
will give high-
achieving Israeli
and American
researchers the
to study in each
other’s countries
and will allow
Israeli universi-
ties to compete
with elite U.S.
Above (l–r)
Mortimer B.
Zuckerman with
Scholar Dr. Alon
Grinberg Dana;
Mr. Zuckerman
listening to the
tributes; Master
of Ceremonies,
TV news anchor
Paula Zahn.
Envisioned byMortimer B.Zuckerman
The Israel-
One of two aspects of the initia-
tive, this program will provide
the highest-achieving research-
ers from the U.S. and Israel the
opportunity to study in one
another’s countries. For the
academic year 2016–2017, five
Postdoctoral Scholars from the
U.S. and Canada are collabor-
ating with leading scientists at
the Technion as well as at The
Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
Tel Aviv University and the
Weizmann Institute of Sci-
ence. Rounding out the research
exchange, four Zuckerman
Postdoctoral Scholars from
Israel are studying in the U.S.
One of them, Dr. Alon Grin-
berg Dana, conducted his doctoral
studies in the Grand Technion
Energy Program and is spend-
ing his scholarship year at MIT.
“Thanks to the Zuckerman
Scholarship, I am able to work
in the most stimulating research
environment imaginable,” he
said at the November event,
“collaborating with top research-
ers in my field, and asking the
questions that will take energy
research to the next frontier.”
The second arm of the program
provides vital resources to the
four Israeli universities, allow-
ing them to compete with
elite American institutions.
Four Israeli 2016–2017 Faculty
Scholars who have been teach-
ing in the U.S. have returned to
professorships in Israel. One is
Assistant Professor Yachin Ivry,
who, having conducted his post-
doctoral work at MIT, joins the
Technion Department of
Materials Science and Engineer-
ing. “I do the science of small
things. But the smaller the
things being studied, the bigger
the equipment needed,” says
Prof. Ivry, who collaborates with
the Russell Berrie Nanotech-
nology Institute and the Grand
Technion Energy Program.
“We can’t always support that
in Israel. The Zuckerman
STEM Program makes this infra-
structure accessible to me, to
support my research.”
s Chairman and Editor-
In-Chief of
U.S. News
Mortimer B. Zuckerman
knows a thing or two about
global connectedness. The
Technion became a beneficiary
of his vision in early 2016 when
he launched the Zuckerman
Leadership Program—a
transformative initiative created
to foster collaboration between
scientists in the U.S. and Israel.
The ATS applauded Mr.
Zuckerman at a dinner event
in Manhattan in November,
awarding him the Technion’s
highest honor, The Technion
Medal. “The Zuckerman
Leadership Program will have a
profound impact on the work of
the scholars involved, strengthen
existing collaborations between
the U.S. and Israel and pave the
road to future cooperation across
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