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April 2016  
Arrow  A Message From Chapter President Les Seskin

(l to r) Technion VP of External Relations and Resource Development, Technion President Peretz Lavie, and Michael Bloomberg
I was thrilled to attend the Technion Gala on March 15th at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan honoring former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg for his vision in bringing the Technion to the Big Apple. Nearly 400 guests were on-hand to pay tribute to Mr. Bloomberg, who received a Technion Honorary Doctorate. Technion President Peretz Lavie spoke, as did Mr. Bloomberg. Cocktail hour included demo booths with Technion graduates showcasing their cutting-edge products; the standout by far was our friend Yael Vizel (see story below). I had the pleasure of speaking with fellow supporters — many second and third-generation — and learning about their commitments to the Technion. Those sentiments were echoed at the annual ATS Board of Directors Meeting held prior to the gala in Manhattan, where the focus was devoted to adopting our new strategic plan.

Watch "Israel's Tech Miracle" Video Launched at the Gala

Arrow #TechnionFuture: Our Innovators and CEOs

south palm3.jpg
(l to r) Yochai Blau, Fern Lerner, Martin (Mac) Lerner,  and Chanan Maoz

Whether they make their career in the lab or the boardroom, Technion students Yochai Blau and Chanan Maoz are sure to have an impact. The two spoke about their research and shared their inspirational journeys at a February 25th reception held at the St. Andrews Country Club.

Yochai, a first-year electrical engineering doctoral student, is developing super-resolution microscopes to facilitate the study of tiny objects. The research could lead to advances in medicine, biology and many other fields. Yochai served in the Israel Defense Forces as a medic, and as a reservist commanded a mobile field hospital near combat zones. He thanked ATS friends for supporting projects like the Stanley Zielony Graduate Student Village, where he lives with his wife. “Living on campus allows me to put my effort into my research instead of commuting,” says Yochai, who completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the Technion.

Chanan, a second-year mechanical engineering undergraduate, focuses his research on robots, with an eye toward improving their mobility skills. He excelled in the military, serving in the Israeli Air Force Flight Academy and in an elite Special Forces unit. Chanan thanked the Technion for providing academic support upon his return to civilian life in September 2015, and expressed his gratitude to be living in the Bellock Family Dormitory, established by the late ATS South Florida leader Jack Bellock and his sons. 

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Arrow Technion's Own Google of Fashion

thumbnail_Google of Fashion.jpgYael Vizel speaking in Tel Aviv at Innovation Exchange, an event for Israel’s community of innovators and entrepreneurs

Finally, algorithms! — those complicated operations usually performed by math wizards — comes to fashion. Parlaying her math and engineering skills to fashion, Technion alumna Yael Vizel launched a startup that removes the hit-and-miss aspect of online clothes shopping.

Anyone with a smart phone can download Yael's award-winning app, Zeekit, to try on thousands of outfits without ever entering a store, as Vizel told supporters during a recent stop in Boca Raton to promote her new company. The app allows online shoppers to try on clothing virtually before purchasing online. The technology combines real-time computer vision and image processing skills that Vizel learned at the Technion and in the Israeli Air Force, with algorithms she developed while working at the defense electronics company Elbit Systems.

New ATS South Palm Beach Advisory Committee member Roz August hosted an intimate evening with Yael at the ever-popular City Fish Market.  Roz, who built a successful career in the jewelry business, recently helped launch the “GEM” (Girls Empowerment) Initiative at the Technion to encourage young women in Israel to pursue higher education in science and engineering.

Learn More About Yael on Our New Technion Innovators Page

Arrow  New Faculty Hire Talks Aliyah and Science

   thumbnail_Frankel w lg group.jpg
(l to r) Eileen Seskin, immediate past Chapter President Nancy Aronson, Roz August, ATS President Zahava Bar-Nir, Professor Steven Frankel and current Chapter President Les Seskin

The Technion has made faculty recruitment a top priority, and it is paying off. Accomplished academic and inventor Professor Steven Frankel left his long-time position at Purdue University, uprooting his wife and four children, to join the Technion in 2012. He spoke about that soul-searching decision and more in a recent reception at Broken Sound Country Club, sponsored jointly by the ATS South Palm Beach Chapter and the Broken Sound Hadassah Chapter.

Prof. Frankel, who holds the Rosenblatt Chair in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, co-developed a novel pediatric heart pump that could dramatically improve the lives of children born with just one heart chamber. Since arriving at the Technion, he has performed the first-ever virtual surgical implant of the pump into a diseased blood vessel. He is using the same software to design next-generation helicopters.

Though making aliyah was not a lifelong goal, Prof. Frankel enjoys his new life. He and his family live in Ramat Beit Shemesh, a religious suburb with a large Anglo population. “In America, things were relatively easy,” he said. Since moving to Israel he’s seen that, “life can be challenging and good at the same time.”   

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Arrow  Meet Israel's High-Tech Community on the Technion World Tour

   TechnionWorldTour - Logo - FINAL.jpg

Any visit worth its salt to the Start-Up Nation should include exclusive access to founders and innovators in Israel’s red-hot high-tech sector. That’s why the Technion World Tour includes must-see stops at the tech-savvy investment firm Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), and XtremIO, one of JVP’s highly successful startups. Both companies have Technion in their DNA. 

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