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February 2017

israel's tech miracle - nyc's future

President Peretz Lavie shares his vision

Excitement is building, as the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute prepares to move to its new home on the nearly completed Cornell Tech Campus on Roosevelt Island in New York City. Last week, Technion President Professor Peretz Lavie spoke at a special event and shared his vision for the innovative educational experiment.

Ambassador Dani Dayan, Consul General for Israel in New York, co-hosted the evening, welcoming the Technion to New York. The Ambassador commended the Technion’s role in Israel’s economic success and hailed the Jacobs Institute as “the most outstanding representation of Israel in New York City.” Event attendees were also inspried by Ron Brachman, Director of the Jacobs Institute, who also spoke at the reception. Eric Gertler, Co-Chairman of the NY Daily News, was the evening's M.C. Click here to view photos from the event.

The following morning, President Lavie and Dan Huttenlocher, Founding Dean and Vice Provost of Cornell Tech, joined leaders from Columbia University, NYU and CUNY to speak on a panel hosted by the Association for a Better New York (ABNY). The group focused on the applied sciences and the role played by higher education in driving economic growth for the city. Click here to view photos from the event.


Acclaimed Breathalyzer Technology Gains Traction


CBS News and other major media recently reported on Professor Hossam Haick’s groundbreaking disease-sniffing technology, following a December news release by the prestigious American Chemical Society. Using an array of nanoscale sensors, Prof. Haick has developed breathalyzer technology that can detect 17 different diseases in the breath, including kidney cancer and Parkinson’s disease, with close to 90 percent accuracy. The noninvasive technology will be able to detect diseases at an early stage, which will significantly improve outcomes.

“This could change the way we detect and treat chronic disease,” Dr. Kevin Campbell, assistant professor of medicine at the University of North Carolina, told CBS. Business Insider, Tech Times, The Economist, and the NY Post also covered the story.


Guidance System Could Improve Disaster Aid


Aerospace Engineering students at the Technion have developed a unique way to help disaster victims—by dropping a PANDA on them. NOTE: no animals were harmed in the process, as PANDA does not refer to the irresistibly cute black and white bear! The acronym stands for “Parachuted Assistance for Natural Disaster Areas,” technology that can guide a parachute carrying relief supplies to within 100 meters of its target.

Currently, cargo planes must fly at low altitudes to prevent the parachute from drifting away, and still the relief bundles often land hundreds of yards away from its goal. The students’ PANDA system allows cargo planes to fly at altitudes of up to four-plus miles high, with high accuracy in pinpointing its mark.


Innovators Help Solve Challenges of the Disabled


While opening doors or grabbing a cup of coffee are actions that most of us take for granted, they can pose serious challenges for people with disabilities. The Technion recently sponsored the Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM) “Makeathon” (January 8-10) to develop assistive technologies to help people with disabilities live more independently. Participants in the 72-hour marathon included students from the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute and the Johnson Cornell Tech MBA program, who are in Israel for a three-month iTrek throughout Israel.


Business Magazine Hails Jacobs Postdoc Program

A Cornell Tech building in construction (credit: Fast Company)

The Runway Startup Postdoc Program at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute got a shout-out recently from Fast Company magazine for providing a much-sought-after solution to the Ph.D. student’s biggest problem—a job. In “Can Entrepreneurship Revive the Troubled Ph.D.?”, the hip business magazine notes that landing a job in academia is tough, even in STEM fields, where roughly 40% of Ph.D.s are now graduating without employment commitments. “Could the solution be teaching postdocs to create their own jobs, as entrepreneurs?” it asks.

The Runway Postdoc Program, a hybrid business school/research institution/startup incubator, is aimed at helping scientists and engineers commercialize their research. Now entering its fourth year, Runway postdocs have already founded 13 companies.



The second of three trips will visit New York City, home of the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute, in 2017. The third leg will visit China in 2018.


The Students Are Coming!


Always a highlight of the ATS calendar, the Technion students are coming soon to visit our local offices throughout the country. Three delegations, consisting of graduate and undergraduate students, are scheduled to visit in late February through early May. Their interests range from business information to medicine and artificial intelligence. Their extracurricular talents include dance, jazz improvisation and skydiving.

Please watch for opportunities to meet these brilliant Technion students, as we will be sending out details for events in your area. Or contact your local office to learn more.

View photos from last year's student visit here.

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