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May 2009

Pope received Nano-Bible
Israeli President Shimon Peres presented Pope Benedict XVI with a "Nano-Bible"

Pope Presented with “Nano-Bible”

Israeli President Shimon Peres presented Pope Benedict XVI with a "Nano-Bible" at a May 11 ceremony in Jerusalem, during the Pope’s first visit to the country. Prof. Uri Sivan, head of the Technion’s Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute, came up with the idea for the complete punctuated and vowelized version of the Hebrew Bible, which takes up a mere 0.5 square millimeters. Read More.


Professor Yoram Reiter
Prof. Yoram Reiter

Building A Better Blend of Tumor-Fighting Cells

Technion Prof. Yoram Reiter has developed a technique that boosts the power of tumor-fighting immune cells used to treat cancers that include metastatic melanoma. Read about these tumor fighting immune cells.



TechnoBrain winner 2009

Student Propels Missile With Water, Wins Top Prize

A student from the Technion’s pre-academic preparatory program, who propelled a soda bottle using only ingenuity and pressurized drinking water, claimed first prize in the annual Dr. Bob Shillman TechnoBrain Competition. Read more about the TechnoBrain victory.


Professor Daniel Weihs
Prof. Danny Weihs

Coming Soon To a Community Near You

Distinguished Prof. Danny Weihs of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering will be in the U.S. in June to share advances in research conducted at the multidisciplinary Technion Autonomous Systems Program (TASP), the only one of its kind in Israel. Autonomous systems are intelligent machines capable of self-management and designed to operate independently in a dynamic environment with minimal or no remote human intervention. Please write to to find out if he will be speaking in your area. Learn more about TASP | Listen to Prof. Weihs talk about his groundbreaking research (podcast).


Israel Economy News

Bank Leumi Gifts New Robotics Lab

In recognition of the Technion’s advances in robotics technology, Israel’s Bank Leumi has given a robotics lab to the Center for Manufacturing Systems and Robotics (CMSR) directed by Prof. Moshe Shoham. Read Israel21c’s coverage of the new robotics lab.


Mark Hefter, Planned Giving Director
Mark Hefter

Easy Listening

We invite you to listen to a new podcast with ATS Planned Giving Director Mark Hefter, in which he describes ways for you to support the Technion while receiving a secure income for life. Click here to listen to the podcast.




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