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June 2009

A Good Night's Sleep

Sleep is vital to human health, but for a large percentage of the adult population, sleep disturbances are common. Technion Professor Peretz Lavie is a pioneering sleep researcher whose contributions helped establish global sleep research and sleep medicine. His influence on the field and on the quality of life for people in Israel and around the world has been profound.

Learn more about Prof. Lavie's pioneering research.

President Peretz Lavie
President Yitzhak Apeloig (left) congratulates Professor Peretz Lavie at the BOG meeting.

Professor Lavie also happens to be the next president of the Technion. He will succeed President Yitzhak Apeloig, who is completing his second four-year term in office. A former dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Lavie recently completed his term as Vice President of Public Affairs and Resource Development.


Read the official Technion press release about the appointment.

Listen to a podcast with President Apeloig as he reflects on the trials and triumphs of his presidency.

The Obelisk
(l -r) Tzippi Apeloig, Santiago Calatrava, Technion President  Yitzhak Apeloig, Berrie Foundation President Angelica Berrie

Another Reason to Visit Haifa and the Technion

Already known as home to the Terraces of the Baha'i Faith, the City of Haifa now has another "must-see" attraction, after world-renowned architect Santiago Calatrava's latest work, a towering kinetic sculpture known as "The Obelisk," was unveiled on the Technion campus. 

Read more about Calatrava’s Obelisk



2009 Odyssey Mission

Odyssey Mission: From Antiquity to High Tech

More than 50 supporters and friends from across the U.S. enjoyed an incredible journey on our recent 2009 Odyssey to Greece and Israel mission led by co-chairs Ruth and Bennett Nathanson and Stanley and Janice Sussman.  In Athens, participants met peers from the Hellenic Technion Society and the local Jewish community and visited historic sites, then traveled to Thessaloniki to learn about the history of Jews in Greece.  In Haifa, the participants got a first-hand look at the latest Technion innovations and new or upgraded facilities, and helped dedicate vital projects including the Louis and Bessie Stein Biotechnology and Food Engineering Complex and the Tania and Samuel Barliant Dormitory Wing.

Click here to read a moving account of the Greek portion of the mission and to watch a slideshow of mission photos.

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Israel Economy News

Conference Reveals Economic Downturn Sparks Rise in Israel’s Intellectual Capital

Fronted by experts in clean-tech, high-tech, med-tech, and other industries, the recent Israel Conference held in Los Angeles shed light on Israel as a role model of persistence in times of crisis and uncertainty. Specifically, panelists cited the country’s ability to propel through the current murky economic waters, while maintaining optimum levels of innovation.

Read Israel 21c’s coverage of the conference.



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