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November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from the ATS/Technion family! We are thankful for your continued support that enables Technion researchers to advance their work. Below are just a few recent examples of ATS-funded discoveries.

Cancer Drugs Directly to Tumor

Prof. Marcelle Machluf
Prof. Marcelle Machluf

Technion researchers have developed a method of delivering anti-cancer drugs directly to tumors, preventing the systemic side effects of chemotherapy and other current cancer treatments. The researchers report that this system led to an 87% reduction in volume and an 83% reduction in weight of a treated glioma tumor in mice after two weeks of treatment.

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Silicon-Air Battery: Light and Almost Infinite

Prof. Yair Ein-Eli
Prof. Yair Ein-Eli

Using oxygen and silicon, Technion scientists have developed a lightweight, environmentally friendly silicon-air battery capable of supplying non-stop power for thousands of hours. Potential uses include medical applications (for example, powering diabetic pumps or hearing aids), sensors and eventually, in electric cars.

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See What We Discovered

Mission co-chairs Bill Robbins (l) and Rod Feldman (r) with Maj. Gen. (Res.) Amos Horev, a past president of the Technion, at the David HaCohen Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum.

The 30 participants in the second annual Discovery Mission returned from their five-day whirlwind tour just last week. Led by co-chairs Rod Feldman and Bill Robbins, mission goers toured the Technion and met with top researchers and students, heard from outstanding speakers and saw how the Technion is vital to Israel’s economy and security.

"On the evening of our arrival, the mission officially kicked off with a fascinating introduction by Technion President Professor Peretz Lavie on how decisions made by his predecessors shaped Israel, and how today’s decisions will impact Israel and the world. After the welcome reception and dinner, our energized group of still-awake mission participants together with Technion leaders and faculty walked along the promenade overlooking Haifa Bay. And this was just the first day!" wrote Bill Robbins, mission co-chair in a Facebook posting.

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