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December 2009

Happy New Year from the American Technion Society! Just as 2009 brought amazing science and technology breakthroughs from the Technion, 2010 will bring even more advancements that will help improve the lives of people in Israel and all over the world. We thank you for your support in these efforts.


Encouraging Findings in Breast Cancer Research

Dr. Gad Rennert
Dr. Gad Rennert

A revolutionary approach to the prevention of some early-stage breast cancers could be on the horizon, thanks to researchers from the Technion. A study of 4,575 women revealed that drugs used to treat bone loss also stave off breast cancer. 

The report, presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium earlier this month, could lead to new pathways to the prevention of this disease.

Learn more about progress in breast cancer research

The Little Copter That Could

Rahfan helicopter
Rahfan helicopter

Scientists at the Technion have developed a 2.2-lb., self-navigating and maneuvering helicopter named Rahfan (flyer) that could someday be used by law enforcement agencies for surveillance and special ops missions. 

The student-created wonder, conducted as a project of the Technion Autonomous Systems Program, is equipped with a camera and directional sensors and can stay in the air for more than half an hour.

Read more about the micro-helicopter’s development

Technion Design to Propel Israeli Satellite Industry

CAMILA Hall Thruster
CAMILA engine

In the race for space, it’s the fastest, lightest engines that win the day. An innovative new engine developed by scientists from the Technion’s Asher Space Research Institute will boost Israeli satellite missions to new heights with its increased speed and decreased appetite for fuel. 

Learn more about the new CAMILA engine here 

Make a Positive Impact on Israel

Support the American Technion Society

As 2009 draws to a close, there is still time to make a positive impact on Israel — in 2010 and beyond. As an American Technion Society supporter, you can take pride in the world-class achievements of the Technion, knowing that your assistance makes them possible.

There is simply no better way to ensure Israel’s future than to support the Technion. You can reduce your taxes when you make a gift to the Technion before December 31. Another reason to donate before year’s end is the opportunity to take advantage of your employer’s gift matching program, especially since some companies are phasing out these programs in 2010.  

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