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June 2010



We have successfully completed our $1 billion SHAPING ISRAEL’S FUTURE campaign

Nancy and Stephen Grand with Prof. Gidi Grader, head of the GTEP
Nancy and Stephen Grand with Prof. Gideon Grader (r), head of the GTEP

This was the largest campaign ever for an American organization raising funds for Israeli higher education, and one of the largest even when measured among American universities.

We are so grateful to every one of our supporters, most recently to Stephen and Nancy Grand, whose $20 million gift to create the Nancy and Stephen Grand Technion Energy Program has brought the campaign to its successful conclusion. Your belief in the centrality of the Technion to Israel, and your faith in our ability to overcome daunting obstacles and reach the loftiest goals have galvanized and empowered us and have brought us to this peak in our history.




Energy Program Powered Up

Energy Logo

Nancy and Stephen Grand’s generous $20 million gift will jumpstart the Technion’s efforts in energy research in alternative fuels, renewable energy, conservation and energy storage. The gift was announced last week during the annual Technion International Board of Governors meeting in Haifa, Israel.



Report from Israel

More than 50 Mission participants and a similar number of attendees at the Technion International Board of Governors (BOG) meeting saw what the successful completion of our campaign really means. Because our accomplishments on campus are everywhere, in the physical surroundings as well as in the achievements of the people on campus who represent our intellectual wealth.

During both events, well-deserved recognition was afforded to our most dedicated supporters at honorary degree ceremonies and dedications.

View photos from the Mission

View the Board of Governors dedications and honorary degrees

If you were not able to be with us for these recent events, we hope you will consider joining us for the Discovery Mission , November 6-12, 2010.

"Shaping Israel’s Future" Mission participants


Big Bang Theory Could Use Some Tweaks

Prof. Adi Nusser
Prof. Adi Nusser

The Big Bang theory is still the best way to describe the earliest days of the universe, but evidence from nearby galaxies suggests that the theory may be due for some tweaks, according to a Technion researcher and colleagues.

Read more about this new discovery...


Touch Screens for Less

iphoneUsing the concentrated solutions of dissolved graphene, scientists from the Technion and Rice University made transparent films that were electrically conductive. Such films could be useful in making touch screens that are less expensive than those used in today's smart phones.

Read more about this research...


Do you have unwanted property that you would like to give to the Technion?

Many supporters have valuable assets that they can’t afford or don’t want to keep - such as artwork, collectibles, vacations homes or other real estate. Gifts of non-cash assets will save on taxes and remove the burden of maintaining and managing the property. You can also give your primary residence or vacation home to the ATS and continue to live there for the rest of your life while enjoying a substantial tax benefit.

We can help you meet your most important financial and estate-planning needs as well as your philanthropic goals. We invite you to find out more by contacting Mark Hefter, Director of Planned Giving at 212-407-6313 or

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