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July 2010



Special Delivery System Targets Tumors

Professor Marcelle Machluf has developed an innovative method for encapsulating stem cells programmed to produce anti-cancer drugs and delivering them directly to tumors. To see a video of Prof. Machluf explaining this breakthrough, click on the box below:

Professor Marcelle Machluf  Video



The "Trojan Horse" of Cancer Fighters

Larch Tree

Larix (Larch) tree

Cancer research is one of the Technion’s priorities, so it’s no wonder that Prof. Machluf is not alone in her quest for possible cures for the disease.

Another approach takes its inspiration from Greek mythology. Technion researchers have developed a tiny “Trojan Horse” system that delivers cancer-fighting drugs once it is inside cancerous cells, preventing damage to the healthy cells in surrounding areas.

The system involves attaching folic acid and an anticancer drug to an extract from the coniferous larch tree, which is among the most common plants in the immense boreal forests of Russia and Canada. The researchers say the development may be effective against ovarian, kidney and uterine cancers.



Technion Student Wins Prestigious Google Fellowship

Moran Feldman

Moran Feldman, a doctoral student in the Technion’s Department of Computer Science is among 31 students from the U.S., Israel, Europe, Canada and China awarded a prestigious 2010 Google PhD Fellowship. The program launched last year provides winners with full tuition (including fees and stipends) for up to three years. Moran received the “Google Europe Fellowship in Market Algorithms” for his research focused on advertisements in web search engines, and methods for ensuring that commercial banners do not lose their effectiveness.

Read the news report issued by the Technion Computer Science Department.


What I Did this Summer: Maryland Students Finish Technion Internship

Smith Students

More people than ever want to learn about Israel’s Technion-driven economy. A group of MBA students from the University of Maryland had the opportunity to do so during a 10-week internship spearheaded in part by the TechnionSeed incubator and T3, the Technion technology-transfer office.

Watch videos of the students, and read the blog they wrote about their once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


Haifa's Rich History in Photos


Original Technion Building

While searching for historic pictures of the City of Haifa (home of the Technion), Prof. Emeritus Dan Adler of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering happened upon a remarkable photo collection that spans back to the days of horse-drawn carriages, when the Port of Haifa and the Technion had yet to be built.

View the Slideshow of Photos


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