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February 2011



And the Answer is: the Technion!

Generic Jeopardy! pic

Tonight, two "Jeopardy!" champions will compete against a cutting-edge supercomputer named Watson. The machine, created by an IBM team that includes Technion alumni, is the result of extensive research and development. But, the technology behind Watson isn’t just for television; it has applications in many areas, such as medical care.

Learn more about Watson and how Technion scientists have contributed to the IBM Jeopardy!.



Forever Young

Assoc. Prof. Doron Melamed

The immune system is weakened with age, a fact reflected by a significant increase in illness among the elderly and a dramatic decrease in their ability to respond to vaccination. Technion scientists have turned back the clock through their discovery of a way to reverse the aging process by removing old white blood cells from mice and forcing the production of young, potent cells to replace them.

Find out more about this novel approach for rejuvenating the immune system.


Stirring the Sea 

Picture of Ocean

Whales and dolphins step aside. According to Technion researchers Alexander Leshansky and Leonid Pismen, sea creatures need not be big and mighty to impact their environment.

Learn about the big role krill and jellyfish play in ocean mixing.


Technion Engineers without Borders 

Engineers without Borders

The Technion has launched Israel’s first chapter of Engineers without Borders. Led by Technion Professor Mark Talesnick, Technion students and Faculty traveled to Nepal to help the local community solve environmental challenges.

Watch a video that demonstrates the work of the Technion in Nepal.


Smart Planning 

Are you interested in supporting Technion students and researchers such as the ones whose work is described in this e-newsletter? Ask the experts at the American Technion Society about financial planning that helps you, your family and the Technion. We can show you how to increase your current income, turn unproductive assets into cash, reduce your taxes, or pass on assets to your heirs tax-free—all while supporting cutting-edge Technion research at the same time. If you or someone you know would like more information about these creative ideas, please contact Mark Hefter, National Director of Planned Giving, at 212-407-6313 or write to

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