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by Nancy Aronson, ATS South Palm Beach Chapter President

Peretz, Nancy small

 Technion President Peretz Lavie
and Chapter President Nancy Aronson

Dear Friends:

Has there ever been a more exciting, gratifying, or exhilarating time to support Israel's premier science and technology university, the Technion?

The 2011-2012 American Technion Society season was highlighted by one momentous, watershed, earth-shattering milestone after another, and infused with fascinating and wonderful Technion visitors right here in our own backyard.

We started with a real bang in October, with Prof. Dan Shechtman being awarded the Nobel Prize in Science (the Technion’s third Nobel Prize in the past eight years), followed a few weeks later with the announcement of  New York City's selection of the Technion and Cornell to build a cutting-edge engineering school on Roosevelt Island. These incredible achievements dovetailed perfectly into the March celebration to honor the cornerstone centennial of the Technion's first building. (If you have not seen the inspiring "How One Stone Can Change The World" video, please CLICK HERE and be amazed!)

Here in South Palm Beach, we welcomed aerospace engineer Dr. Victor Chernov, a graduate of the Technion’s Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, who discussed Israel's innovative rocket science technology at the Bocaire Country Club in December. In February, St. Andrews County Club was the site of a special presentation from Technion President Peretz Lavie, who shared his personal experiences with the Nobel Prize and New York City announcements, as well as his global vision for the Technion. We returned to St. Andrews in March for "Behind the Brainpower: Conversations with Technion Students", where we had the opportunity to visit with two extraordinary students and a professor from the Technion.

Through it all, we have continued to raise awarness and funds for our chapter's dynamic project, the expansion of the Technion's Student Counseling Center. Please see the article below and reach out to us if you feel inspired to offer your support.

A final thought: there is always room for more in the Technion Family, so please share this amazing news with anyone you know (friends, loved ones, colleagues) who supports Israel.

Thank you!


Nancy Aronson
South Palm Beach Chapter President

CHAPTER PROJECT UPDATE - A New Wing for the Technion Student Counseling Center


The academic and logistical demands of the Technion can feel overwhelming for many students.

In March, the South Palm Beach chapter welcomed Technion students Guy Bershadsky and Marina Toger, who gave us a glimpse into the intensity of student life at "Israel's M.I.T." As one might expect from such a prominent university, many students struggle mightily with the competitive academic environments, demanding workloads, and (very often) jobs, family responsibilities, and personal issues - particularly during their first months. Of course, with the Technion being an Israeli university, many students are called to active military duty during the school year - which in and of itself can be enormously stressful - and can complicate an already difficult university experience.

While gifted and talented scholars like Guy and Marina can often overcome and manage these types of challenges, many Technion students need additional psychological, personal, and/or emotional support - which they can find at the Technion Student Counseling Center.

The on-campus Counseling Center provides a comforting sanctuary for students, offering the professional experience of a counseling and support staff comprised of certified psychologists, social workers, and a psychiatrist. Recognized by Israel’s Ministry of Health, the Center provides counseling in cases of stress, depression, anxiety, and emotional difficulties.

In order to accommodate increased demand of students seeking assistance at the Center, the Technion has asked us to help them renovate the old infrastructure and expand the existing facilities. The new wing would include:

* a new, separate entrance - ensuring privacy for students coming for therapy and treatment
* additional individual treatment rooms
* a lobby and storeroom
* an outdoor patio
* a large multi-purpose hall for group counseling sessions
Student Counseling Center Floor Plan
Floor plan of the new wing of the Technion’s Student Counseling Center

The ATS South Palm Beach chapter has accepted the challenge to raise the $1 million needed for expansion and renovation, which would cover the cost of construction, furnishings, equipment, landscaping, and development.

There are various naming opportunities available if you would like to be a part of this important project that will affect so many Technion students.

For more information on how you can support this project, contact South Palm Beach Chapter Director Jessica Feldan at 561-395-7206, or

Grand Technion Energy Program Creating Innovative Solutions for Israel - and the World

2011 SR dean and students

Energy independence is vital for Israel’s security and development, and the Technion is playing a major role in the quest for safe, green, affordable energy. Careful use of the resources on the planet that we hold in trust for future generations is vital, and discovering new ways to power a healthy, comfortable lifestyle will greatly improve life now and in future generations in Israel - and worldwide.

The energy crisis can be solved through a combination of conservation, development of renewable energy sources, and improving the efficiency of combustion technologies and buildings that consume energy. Research in all of these areas is underway at the Technion and is being increased thanks to the establishment of the Grand Technion Energy Program (TEP).

The TEP has brought together some of the world's finest science and engineering researchers to work in a broad interdisciplinary track to advance Israel's critical energy initiatives.

2011 SR dean and students

Nancy Grand, Stephen Grand, and Prof. Gideon Grader, director of the TEP
The TEP's four key program areas are Alternative Fuels, Energy Storage and Conversion, Renewable Energy Sources, and Energy Conservation. Proposed research topics that these areas will address are: expanded uses for solar energy (including solar photo-voltaic cells, for the generation of electricity, solar-powered air conditioning and solar process heat); development of non-carbon-based alternative fuels; biomass generation of combustible gases; wind turbine design; energy storage; optimization of urban planning for energy conservation; improving engine performance by reducing friction and using advanced combustion processes; and the development of power sources for microelectronic devices.

Technion Faculties working together in the TEP include Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biotechnology and Food Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, and Architecture and Town Planning.

Prof. Gideon Grader, who heads the TEP, stated that the new study program is expected to produce engineering and scientific manpower capable of advancing the field of energy in the future, both in Israel and abroad. "There is a real and urgent need to challenge young scientists to enter the energy field in order to develop innovative technologies for producing energy and more efficient use of existing energy sources," Grader said.

For more information on the TEP, please contact South Palm Beach Chapter Director Jessica Feldan at 561-395-7206, or

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