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June 2012


Technion Tops the Tech List

Intel's David "Dadi" Pearlmutter is one of the many Technion graduates on the "Israel's Top 20 High-Tech Icons" list. 

 This just in!... Technion alumni account for 12 of Israel's top 20 high-tech icons, according to a recent report by the news organization Israel 21 C. Six Technion alums figured in the list of early pioneers, including Uzia Galil, who founded Israel’s first high-tech multinational holding company and helped develop the world’s first color television. Another six grads were named modern-day leaders, including David “Dad” Perlmutter, an architect of the Pentium processor and other key Intel technology.

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Everybody Loves a Parade

ATS supporters and staff wave Israeli flags at the Celebrate Israel Parade in NYC.

Fifth Avenue was awash in blue and white Sunday, June 3, when ATS supporters marched for the first time ever in the Celebrate Israel Parade. A lucky few in our group were able to ride the float, which we shared with supporters from other Israeli universities. We proudly sported ATS t-shirts and passed extras out to the onlookers. The parade, which is the largest gathering of pro-Israel supporters in the U.S., drew some 35,000 marchers.

Click here for photos of the parade


Breakthrough in Heart Disease

Lior Gepstein
Technion Professor Lior Gepstein in his lab.

A Technion scientist has performed a medical feat akin to magic. Professor Lior Gepstein has succeeded in turning skin cells of heart failure patients into healthy heart muscle cells that can integrate with existing heart tissue. This means that a patient could use his own cells to repair his damaged heart. Earlier studies have reprogrammed skin cells of young, healthy people. But Prof. Gepstein’s work, published online in the European Heart Journal, is the first to use skin cells from elderly, heart disease patients.

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Needle-less blood tests


The Technion team’s device relies on a technique called spectrally encoded confocal microscopy. (a) A single line within a blood vessel is imaged with multiple colors of light that encode lateral positions. (b) A single cell crossing the spectral line produces a two-dimensional image with one axis encoded by wavelength and the other by time. (Credit: Biomedical Optics Express)

Conventional blood tests may soon become a thing of the past. A team of researchers led by Technion Professor Dvir Yelin has invented an optical microscope that can see individual blood cells they flow by, recording the data that is typically collected in traditional tests. While the clinical application is still years away, the faint-of-heart can say goodbye to needles. Prof. Yelin’s work was published in Biomedical Optics Express.

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 Google Alert!



Press.jpgTechnion Professor Craig Gotsman (second to right), founding director of the TCII, was on hand for the announcement where he shared the stage with (from left to right) Google CEO Larry Page, Cornell University President David J. Skorton, and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Google Inc. opened its doors – literally -- inviting Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute (TCII) to set up shop in 22,000 square feet of office space in its Manhattan headquarters free of charge until the new CornellNYC Tech Campus is built on Roosevelt Island.

 In other TCII news, former Twitter Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Greg Pass became the campus’s Founding Entrepreneurial Officer, charged with seeing that students graduate from TCII as budding entrepreneurs.  

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 Technion USA Online

Screen shot 2012-06-04 at 1.37.55 PM.png


Twenty-Seven glorious pages of Technion are available with a click! Our annual publication, Technion USA, can now be accessed online. Its theme this year is “Technion on the Global Stage.”  

Click here to read about the Technion community changing the world 


Mission Underway 

Technion Campus


The long-awaited trip to Russia and Israel has begun. Some 50 ATS supporters are attending the Mission, which will take in the Old World splendor of historic St. Petersburg and the New World technology that is the Technion. ATS President Joel Rothman is leading the Mission while Leonard H. Sherman is the Honorary Chair.

Look for photos and details of the 2012 Mission in the next ATS eNews.

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