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November 2012



We Stand With Israel

Iron dome.jpg
The Iron Dome, which was developed by Technion graduates, helps keep Israeli citizens safe

We stand in solidarity with Israel during this time of conflict and recognize the contributions, once again, that Technion graduates have made in safeguarding the people of Israel. As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, we are thankful for The Iron Dome system, developed by Technion graduates. This system intercepted 300 rockets in the first five days of the current crisis and has saved numerous lives since its deployment last year. Our thoughts and prayers are also with the hundreds of Technion students that have been called up for reserve service. Technion President Peretz Lavie has asked us to thank our ATS family for your heartwarming expressions of concern and support.


Cornell President Visits Technion

President Skorton (right) with Technion Professor Amir Landsberg, Dean of Biomedical Engineering

Cornell President David Skorton was hosted by Technion President Peretz Lavie during a visit to the Technion campus in Haifa on November 18. During the packed, one-day visit, President Skorton met with Technion faculty members, visited state-of-art laboratories and gave an address to the Technion Senate.

The visit was President Skorton's third to the Technion, and the first since partnering with the Technion to establish the Technion—Cornell Innovation Institute. In 1986, he attended a conference at the Technion Julius Silver Institute for Biomedical Engineering; and in 2010 he co-led the American Jewish Committee's Interchange Educational Seminar for University Presidents.



Solar Power on Demand?

Avner Rothschild.jpg
Associate Professor Avner Rothschild

Can you imagine harnessing and storing solar energy so that it could be used on demand day or night? Technion Professor Avner Rothschild has found a way to use the power of the sun and ultrathin films of iron oxide (aka rust) to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, which could provide a cheaper, more efficient way to store solar energy in clean-tech hydrogen-based fuels.

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Pig Tissue Makes Heart Healthy


  Prof. Marcelle Machluf

Kosher or not, pigs are so physiologically similar to humans that their heart tissue could provide a solution for heart attack victims. Technion Professor Marcelle Machluf has developed a platform or “scaffold” made of pig tissue that supports human stem cells and could result in a rebuilt heart, free of the scar tissue that impairs the organ’s ability to pump blood.

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Unlock the Mysteries of Spain

ATS trip 260 x 174 px.jpg

Our latest expedition will travel to Spain and Israel

Did you know that Toledo, Spain was the center of rabbinic teachings in the 14th Century …  or that King, Alfonso VIII, a.k.a the King of Toledo, was in love with a Jew? Discover the vibrant history of Spanish Jewry on our Expedition to Spain and Israel, May 26 - June 7, 2013. 

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Wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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