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September 2013

Technion Student Attends Clinton Global Initiative at Washington U.

   Adi Clinton.jpg  
Student Adi Hanuka with President Bill Clinton

The Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) is a forum created by President Bill Clinton to encourage students to develop innovative solutions to pressing global challenges. Technion student Adi Hanuka, who is starting a Master’s program in electrical engineering, was invited to attend, based on the strength of her project. She has proposed developing a software program to teach autistic children how to take care of themselves. Her design combines Kinect (Microsoft’s motion sensing device) with other educational/behavioral methods of autism therapy.

Click here for Adi’s account of the event, held at Washington University in early April.


Technion Coming to Tel Aviv

Screen shot 2013-09-10 at 10.46.44 AM.png 

Haifa will no longer have a monopoly on the Technion in Israel. This summer, the Technion opened the Sarona Campus, a new campus in the heart of Tel Aviv. Its first occupant is the Technion’s Start-uP International MBA Program, a unique English-language program with an emphasis on entrepreneurship.

The recently renovated Sarona Campus will be comprised of nearly 20,000 square feet in three restored buildings, including 16 classrooms and administrative facilities. Its location in the midst of Israel’s start-up scene is ideal for advancing Israel’s high-tech industry and international collaborations. Start-uP MBA, which is slated to begin this fall, intends to take full advantage of its surroundings to connect students with some of Israel’s top entrepreneurs.

MBA students will visit leading Israeli corporations, start-ups, and technological incubators. Seminars with Israeli executives and entrepreneurs as well as internships at start-up companies will provide hands-on experience as well as a platform for students to make valuable contacts. Students also will have opportunities to develop business plans and promote projects from patent to commercialization.   

For more information, visit the Start-uP International MBA Program website.


Artificial Skin That's Close to the Real Thing

     Artificial skin
The flexible sensor created by Technion scientists could be integrated into an "e-skin."

Using tiny gold particles and a kind of resin, Technion scientists led by Professor Hossam Haick have discovered how to make a flexible sensor that could be integrated into electronic skin to create the most humanlike artificial skin to date.

The “e-skin” would be 10 times more sensitive to touch than existing systems and the first to also sense humidity and temperature.

The secret lies in the sensor’s ability to detect three kinds of data whereas current forms of artificial skin can only detect touch. The Technion team’s invention “can simultaneously sense touch, humidity and temperature, as real skin can do,” says Prof. Haick. If the skin could attach to prosthetic limbs, amputees could once again experience changes in their environment.


St. Louis Chapter Supports Students with Fellowships

Doctoral students are the engines that make a university run. They teach the undergraduates, carry out much of the research, attract top-notch faculty, and become some of the university’s best advocates when they go on to positions in industry, government and academia.

Recruiting top graduate students is key to keeping the Technion at the cutting-edge of scientific and technological advances, and the St. Louis Chapter is doing its part to help. Our supporters have adopted a Chapter Project to fund three endowed Doctoral Fellowships at $250,000 each. We have achieved more than 70 percent of our goal and are forging ahead.  We are $225,000 short of our goal. 

In today’s competitive academic climate, easing the financial burden of graduate students can make all the difference.

To make a gift or for more information, please contact Amy Frankel, Assistant Director, ATS West Central Region, at or 314.725.7330.


Investing in a Scientific Future: by Technion President Peretz Lavie

Technion President Peretz Lavie

The recent discoveries of huge gas reserves off the coast of Israel have got the nation’s leaders talking about how best to invest the profits. Technion President Peretz Lavie weighs in on the debate with an editorial in Israel’s business daily “The Marker.”

Click here to read the editorial.


An Opportunity to Visit Israel and the Technion

     Transition Mission .JPG
Students on campus. The Technion is a model of diversity.

Examine Israeli society through the new ATS Transition Mission. This trip will explore the complex and often difficult issues that confront today’s Israelis and American Jews. Among the many highlights are a visit to a Youth Aliyah Village and the Israeli settlement of Ariel, as well as meetings with people who are making a difference in Israel today. This short, intense trip is designed for young professionals who may have not yet experienced the invisible connection that links us to one another and Israel.

This 5-day trip departs October 26, returning November 1, 2013. For more information contact Amy Frankel, Assistant Director, ATS West Central Region, at or call 314-725-7330.

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