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June 2014


ATS Celebrates at Israel Parade

Parade 4.png  Celebrate Israel Parade participants

Some 30 ATS friends and supporters joined a sea of blue and white to celebrate New York’s 50th annual Israel Parade on June 2. Sailing down Fifth Avenue on a float sponsored by Israeli institutions for higher learning and wearing t-shirts designed for the occasion, ATS supporters were met with an abundance of cheering celebrants and sunshine.

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Tune In to the Technion


The Technion International Board of Governors (BOG) will gather for their annual meeting June 13-18, 2014. The five-day event will be chock-full of award ceremonies and dedications, fascinating presentations and other festivities, including the 90th birthday celebration for General (Res.) Amos Horev. Technion Guardians Marilyn Taub and Albert Sweet will receive Honorary Doctorates, along with prominent lawyer Alan Dershowitz; six ATS supporters will receive Honorary Fellowships and participants will attend three important ATS dedications.

To view some of the festivities live that will be broadcast via the Technion website, check this link on June 15-17.


Cell's Cleaning Mechanism Rebounds After Temporary Stress

Professor Michael Glickman

Much like a person who is caught in a sandstorm closes his eyes untill it passes, the biological mechanism that rids our body of damaged proteins “takes a break” when cells are under stress. This phenomenon, discovered by Technion Professor Michael Glickman, protects the mechanism from harm and allows it to get back to the work of cleaning up the damage the stress left behind.

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Technion Alums Invent Scanner that Counts Calories

Project Image.jpg

Two Technion alums are developing a handheld scanner called Scio that can determine the chemical makeup of food, pills and plants. Within seconds of analyzing the object, the pocket-sized device uses the physics of spectroscopy to figure out the calorie content of food, a pill’s identity or the when an avocado will ripen.

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Life-Changing Technology for the Disabled

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.09.47 AM.png  

In other alumni news, two Technion graduates are developing technology that will enable people suffering from paralysis, cerebral palsy, ALS or tremors related to Parkinson’s disease to text, make phone calls, read books, search the web and play video games on an ordinary smartphone — hands free. The technology, developed by Technion graduates Oded Ben Dov and Giora Livne, who is a quadriplegic, works by tracking head movements.

Click here to read more and watch video of this innovation.

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