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February 2016  
Arrow  A Message From Chapter President Terry Gardner

Chapter President Terry Gardner

As president of the Houston Chapter of ATS, I am most proud to be a part of helping bring the Technion “magic” to our local community. If you have ever interacted with Technion students, you know what I mean by Technion “magic.” This time, I am delighted to host two students from the university. Their commitment and youthful enthusiasm illustrate why our continued support is so critical.  But whether our Technion visitor is the Vice President for Research and Development, students, or representatives of various faculties, I hope you will take the opportunity to meet people who are at the heart of the Technion’s international success. Better yet, I urge you to consider visiting the Technion and seeing it for yourself.  I have been to campus a number of times and taught courses there. I can’t tell you how inspiring a place it is!  Please let us know if your travel plans include Israel and we can set up a visit for you, or review the information below about the Technion World Tour and let us know if you want to participate. I look forward to greeting you at one of our upcoming programs and thank you for enabling our Houston Chapter to continue its rich tradition of building Israel through supporting the Technion.         

Arrow Meet and Greet Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs: Technion Students
Yochai Blau and Chanan Maoz

Two exciting Technion students are playing hooky next week — and we are reaping the benefits. Doctoral student Yochai Blau and undergraduate Chanan Maoz will visit the Houston Chapter to share their personal journeys, anecdotes about the Technion campus, and the fascinating research work they are doing. Please join us:

What: Private Brunch with Visiting Technion Students

When: February 28, 2016 at 10:30 a.m.

Where: Kenny and Ziggy’s, 2327 Post Oak Boulevard, Houston

Couvert: $18 per person

RSVP: Ashley LeTourneau at 561.395.7206 or

Having already published three academic papers, Yochai is focused on developing super-resolution microscopes and hopes to pursue a career in Israel’s high-tech industry. But his interests don’t stop with electro-optics engineering. He has served as a medic in the Israel Defense Forces, and as deputy commander of a small, mobile field hospital while on reservist duty. In his free time, Yochai goes rock climbing — on outdoor natural rock faces when weather permits, or on indoor climbing walls.

Chanan’s academic career is still young, but he has already started to make his mark. Recognized in high school for his work in physics, he is now studying robotics in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Serving in the Israeli Air Force Flight Academy, Chanan graduated cum laude in the platoon commander course. He served additional time in the elite Special Forces unit, and was awarded the Chief of Staff Citation for his role as a unit team leader during Operation Protective Edge. When not studying, Chanan volunteers with disabled children and is a member of the Technion’s Orienteering sport team.

This will surely be an event you won’t want to miss.

Arrow A Breath of Innovation
Artist’s rendering of the BLU divers’ distress bracelet. The idea was selected as the winner of the 2016 3DS student entrepreneurship contest at the Technion.

The gentle wave of coral reefs, curlicue tails of seahorses and bright colors of deep sea fish have made scuba diving a popular sport. But this exhilarating hobby can turn dangerous, as it did on a routine dive for computer science student Omer Arad.

Omer was 80 feet below sea level when an equipment malfunction cut off his air supply. He turned that terrifying dive into a life-saving idea that won first place at the Technion’s 3-Day Startup competition—a wearable panic bracelet.

Click here to read more.

Arrow  Think Differently...Thing Globally...Travel Technion
TechnionWorldTour - Logo - FINAL.jpg

Don’t miss the chance to join us this spring for the first trip of our Technion World Tour (May 30-June 7, 2016) to Israel. The World Tour is a three-part journey that will visit Technion campuses in Israel (2016), New York City (2017) and China (2018). The tour combines luxury travel with intellectual stimulation to take participants along with the Technion into the global marketplace.

Spaces are filling up, so reserve your spot or see the itinerary, pricing and more by visiting

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