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August 2016  
Proudly Representing Philly — In Israel 

3Ed Satell honored at Technion.jpg
Ed Satell (right) receiving his Honorary Doctorate from Professor Hagit Attiya, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Technion President Professor Peretz Lavie

We are still celebrating the spirited commitment of Ed Satell and Stephen Klein and their honorary Technion degrees. What a glorious award ceremony it was in Israel, with their peers at the Technion Board of Governors (BOG) meeting (June 4-8). Both have shown their longtime support to the American Technion Society are Technion Guardians.

Ed was recognized with an Honorary Doctorate for his devotion to Israel and the Technion. His citation read: “With admiration for your tremendous vision and leadership, your energetic and enthusiastic support of the American Technion Society (ATS) and your contributions to the advancement of the Technion...”

A philanthropist and entrepreneur, Ed has sponsored numerous projects in medicine and energy including: the Satell Program in Stem Cell Science; the Satell Fellow in Stem Cell Research Program; the Ed Satell Doctoral Fellows Club Partnership and the Richard D. Satell Cancer Research Projects. He became an initial supporter of the Grand Technion Energy Program with his gift of the Satell Family Nitrogen-Hydrogen Alternative Fuels Reaction Research Laboratory.

Ed also plays an active role in the collaborative Satell UConn-Technion Global Energy Sustainability Program, and the Satell Technion-MIT Leadership Program. In addition to his support for the Technion, Ed is a member of the Young Presidents Organization & World Presidents Organization, and founded the Satell Institute, a think tank for corporate social responsibility. 

Stephen Klein

Stephen received an Honorary Fellowship for “decades of tireless commitment to the Technion ... active leadership at every level ... philanthropy, which contributes to Israel’s defense and supports other meaningful initiatives at the Technion and in Philadelphia.”

A champion of humanitarian causes in Israel and the U.S., Stephen has served as Philadelphia Chapter President and Chairman of the Board, and is a long-standing member of the Technion Board of Governors. He established the Philadelphia Flight Control Laboratory at the Technion and has supported a wide range of initiatives including the Center for Global Engineering; the Technion Reservist Student Support Fund; the First Steps Program for faculty recruitment, and the Raymond Klein Prize Fund (created by his parents Raymond and Miriam) for research that contributes to Israel’s industry, technology and scientific standing.

His civic involvement goes beyond Israel and extends right into his backyard, Philadelphia, where he has been involved with the Jewish Federation’s Israel Emergency Fund and KleinLife, a social services and community center.

The five-day BOG was comprised of award ceremonies and dedications, presentations by speakers that included Middle East expert Ambassador Dennis B. Ross, and other events such as an Innovation Panel Discussion, featuring Technion graduates such as Dov Moran, inventor of the DiskOnKey, or USB memory stick.



Arrow Without Ed, Would there be Nano Ghost Busters?

IMG_6303 copy.jpg

(l to r) Don & Roni Rosen, Prof. Marcelle Machluf, Ed & Cyma Satell 

Some 75 friends and supporters raised a glass to Ed Satell at a cocktail reception in celebration of his Honorary Doctorate (see story above). Held at the Green Valley Country Club in Lafayette Hill on May 18, prior to Ed’s departure for Israel, the event featured Technion Professor Marcelle Machluf, who offered an insider’s look into the inspiring advances of the new Technion Integrated Cancer Center.

Ilene Berger, Philadelphia Chapter President and National Board member, opened the evening with a toast to Ed, whose support has helped advance Prof. Machluf’s cancer research. In a presentation titled: Exciting Breakthroughs in Cancer & Cardiac Research, Prof. Machluf, head of the Lab for Cancer Drug Delivery & Cell Based Technology, spoke about her recent project — developing “Nano-Ghosts” to fight cancer.

The biggest challenge of chemotherapy is to destroy malignant tumors without harming healthy tissue. Prof. Machluf developed a targeted drug delivery system that can release drugs upon reaching the tumor, sparing healthy tissue in its wake, and can carry different therapies to target a variety of cancers. She created “Nano-Ghosts” by emptying the mesenchymal stem cell of its content, leaving only the outer membrane, reducing them to nanoscale, and loading them with therapeutics.



Parkinson's Expert Visits Philly Chapter

 Associate Prof. Simone Engelender    

While on sabbatical at the Harvard Medical School (McLean Hospital), Associate Professor Simone Engelender of the Prince Center for Neurodegenerative Disorders of the Brain in the Faculty of Medicine, had the chance to visit the Philadelphia Chapter. The June Sofitel Philadelphia dinner event gave over 40 ATS supporters the opportunity to meet and discuss with her the global impact of the innovative Technion research in neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr. Engelender investigates two proteins that are believed to play an important role in Parkinson’s disease — one that seems to cause the disease, and another that keeps its abnormal aggregation in check. Consulting initially with Technion Distinguished Professors Avram Hershko and Aaron Ciechanover (who won the Nobel Prize for their discovery of the ubiquitin system), she identified an enzyme that “ubiquitylates” (tags for elimination) the good protein. Drugs that interfere with that tagging process may provide novel Parkinson’s treatments.

Born in Brazil, Dr. Engelender earned her medical degree and doctorate from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and did a post-doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University. She joined the Technion in 2001, is a recipient of support from the PA-based Oscar and Vivian Lasko Family Foundation, and is married to Technion Associate Professor Herman Wolosker. His brain research could impact treatments for victims of stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia.

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