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August 2016

TECHNION Wins gold, now #1 in israel

campus sign

While the world’s greatest athletes were competing for Gold in Rio, on Tuesday the 2016 Academic Ranking of World Universities declared Technion the #1 university in Israel (and 69 worldwide). Additionally the ranking recognized the Technion as #1 in Israel (and 39 worldwide) in their first-ever index specifically ranking Electrical and Electronic Engineering. This annual Shanghai Ranking is considered the world’s leading benchmark in higher education, the closest we have to an academic Olympics! Achieving these milestones, President Peretz Lavie attributes to the Technion’s success attracting and retaining quality faculty who have joined the university in the last 10 years. Their talent, enthusiasm and creativity have helped elevate the Technion to a new playing field. And this would not have been possible without the commitment of our American Technion Society supporters.


Professor Supports Elusive Black Hole Theory

Technion Professor Jeff Steinhauer

Forty-two years after Stephen Hawking suggested that black holes emit radiation, Technion Professor Jeff Steinhauer has laid claim to being the first to observe “Hawking radiation” — the “holy grail” for atomic physicists. Constructing a model black hole in his laboratory, Prof. Steinhauer demonstrated Hawking’s theory, which suggests that radiation can escape the light-sucking grip of a black hole. The scientific community and Twittersphere was abuzz at the findings with global media pickup. Scientific American even produced a 60-Second Science podcast featuring Prof. Steinhauer. Steinhauer’s observation is regarded as a milestone in the quest for quantum gravity.  


New Israeli Consul General Visits Roosevelt Island 

jeff and Dani Dayan
(l to r) Consul General Dani Dayan and ATS EVP Jeff Richard

On Wednesday, just two weeks into his appointment as the new Israeli Consul General in New York, Ambassador Dani Dayan toured the future home of Cornell Tech and the Joan & Irwin Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute campus on Roosevelt Island. American Technion Society CEO Jeff Richard joined Dayan on a hard hat tour of the construction site. The excitement and anticipation for the new campus opening in Fall 2017 is mounting. All eyes are on this monumental occasion and we are excited to have the second leg of our Technion World Tour in NYC (October 2017), which will include an inside look at the new campus.


Technion Unravels Placebo Effect Mystery

Photo Credit: Haartez

Studies and anecdotal reports have long suggested a link between positive thinking and a person’s well-being. Findings by Technion Assistant Professor Asya Rolls shed light on the “placebo effect.” Her research shows that activation of the brain’s feel-good center or “reward system” stimulates the body’s immune system to operate more effectively and eliminate bacteria more quickly. The discovery could allow scientists to improve the effectiveness of vaccines and other therapies.


Meet the Technion International Student e-Bloggers

student e blog
Technion International Student Lindsay Noskin 

The Technion isn’t all study, study and more study. Meet New Yorker Lindsey Noskin and the rest of Technion’s e-Bloggers. In the first of a series of day-in-the-life videos, Technion International School students, hailing from the U.S., Italy, Chile and South Sudan, pick up their cameras and give us a peek into their daily lives on campus — cooking and all. Stay tuned for more by subscribing to Technion’s YouTube channel.



The second of three trips will visit New York City, home of the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute, in 2017. The third leg will visit China in 2018.


Say Bye-Bye to Sleepless Nights

nanit 2

Part baby translator, part sleep guru, Nanit may be the first video baby monitor that actually understands a baby’s sleep. Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute Runway Startup Postdoc and Technion graduate, Assaf Glazer, developed this breakthrough invention. The new consumer technology uses computer vision to measure and track everything from how your baby moves in the crib, to room conditions and baby’s sleep quality. Every morning the Nanit app delivers a sleep highlights report for your baby, plus a sleep score, to help bring restful nights to the whole family.


In Case You Missed It, Now You Can Share It

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Buzz Aldrin delivered a landmark address at the Technion while it hosted the 2016 International Space University. He declared more missions to Mars and establishing a permanent presence on the red planet.

2016 President’s Report is packed with amazing and inspiring stories that range from Technion's first-ever conference for outstanding female high school STEM students, to new Technion innovations, the latest on the Technion Integrated Cancer Center, the Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and more. Email to get yours today!

Technion Medical Review: Summer 2016 features powerful developments in tissue transplant, cancer technologies and innovative medical devices, such as a portable ultrasound system that EMTs could bring to the scene of an accident.



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