Read about breakthroughs from the Technion, including a special greeting from Anat Levi Feinberg, Alumni Relations, U.S.
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August 2019

Anat Levi Feinberg

Dear Technion Alumni,

Do you remember why you chose to study at the Technion? It was probably for a variety of reasons, but most likely one of them was that the Technion was the most prestigious school for science, technology, and engineering with the best professors, or was a place where brilliant minds like yours could thrive.

As Technion alumni, you represent Technion excellence and Israel at its best. You are a part of the Technion brand that has become even more notable with global presence and ranking, supporting the university’s quest to be among the top 10 universities in the world in science, research, and technology.

When excellent education and bold vision meet talented, accomplished, and involved alumni, magic can happen. Collaborations, connections, new initiatives, and relationships are beneficial to all. We are here to help with this vision, building the Technion alumni community around the U.S. as a part of a global network. Our goals are to offer opportunities for you to connect with fellow alumni, to create meaningful experiences, and to re-connect you to your alma mater. You can read about our latest activities in this Alumni Connect newsletter.

I would like to warmly invite you to join us in our upcoming local and national gatherings. Please share and spread the word among fellow alumni in your networks, and help us grow together. It takes a village to build a community.

Wishes for a beautiful fall and holiday season!


Anat Levi Feinberg
Alumni Relations, U.S.

Dror Sharon

Alumni Spotlight: What’s in Your Food? Technion Alum-led Company Lets You Find Out

Growing up on a farm in Israel gave Technion alumnus Dror Sharon an appreciation for real food. Years later, he turned this appreciation into a business called Consumer Physics, a sensor company behind SCiO, the world’s smallest spectrometer. The company specializes in analyzing animal feed to assure optimal composition for livestock.

Alumni Get-togethers

“From Startup Nation to Smartup Nation” in Silicon Valley, CA. From left to right: Shlomi Kofman, Israel’s Consul General to the Pacific Northwest; Alumnus Aharon Aharon, CEO of Israel Innovation Authority; Anat Feinberg, ATS Alumni Relations, U.S.; Alumnus Levy Gerzberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Zoran; Alumnus Israel Shamay, Head of Americas Operations at Israel Innovation Authority; Vicki Buder, ATS Senior Director of Development, San Francisco Bay Area; David Chivo, ATS Chief Development Officer.

Alumni Get-togethers Around the Country

It was great to meet many of you at events, conferences, and receptions around the country. Over the past six months, we have offered programs in your local communities and at national conferences, which have attracted alumni from around the country.

Upcoming Events

We welcome you to join us at our upcoming alumni events, and to participate in local roundtable forums, where you can help design future activities that interest you. Please email Anat at if you’re interested in participating.

Navigating Market Opportunities
September 5, 2019 || New York, NY

Harnessing Nature Through Cutting-edge Technology
September 16, 2019 || Los Angeles, CA

From Startups to Established Companies:
How Innovative Ideas Lead to Success

September 18, 2019 || Silicon Valley, CA

Save the dates! Details to follow.

September 22, 2019 || Boston, MA
The Future of Artificial Intelligence — and of the Human Race

October 27, 2019 || Online
Leading the Revolution, second lecture of Zoom series

October 30, 2019 || New York, NY

November || Seattle, WA

December || South Florida
Alumni Reception at the IAC Conference

Mazal Tov

Mazal Tov

Share with us your Smachot! Engagements, weddings, new babies, and more. Please let us know by reaching out to Anat at

Why Science is the Solution for Social Inequality

Watch this TEDxTelAviv video featuring Technion Professor Hossam Haick, an Israeli-Arab scientist, best known for developing the NaNose that uses nanotechnology to help diagnose cancer. A Technion alumnus, Prof. Haick is recognized worldwide for his innovative inventions.

Technion Olympic Sports Research Center at Belfer Symposium

The Olympic Committee of Israel and the Technion have established a joint research center to advance Olympic sports in Israel. Headed by Professor Alon Wolf of the Technion Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Israeli Olympic Sports Research Center aims to encourage studies that will enhance Olympic sports in Israel, in line with U.S. and European models.

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