Iron Dome Anti-Missile System Saves Israeli Lives

You may have heard of the Iron Dome in the news lately. This groundbreaking anti-missile system has saved countless Israeli civilian lives from terrorist groups such as Hamas. But, did you know that Technion-Israel Institute of Technology graduates played a major role in its development? Here are some facts concerning the Iron Dome and its amazing effectiveness.

  • Iron Dome is a DEFENSIVE system
    Iron Dome identifies aerial threats- mainly rockets- and eliminates them autonomously. It is, essentially, an anti-missile missile system.
  • Iron Dome was first conceived of in 2004
    During this time, the Israel Ministry of Defense issued a call for proposals for a system to intercept short-range rockets. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems' Iron Dome, capable of operating in all weather conditions, was selected as the most suitable.
  • Iron Dome was developed by a team of Technion graduates
    80 percent of the engineers at Rafael are Technion graduates. Its CEO has said that the Iron Dome could not have been built without those former Technion students.  
  • Iron Dome has been immensely successful during the current conflict
    The system has already intercepted and destroyed more than 350 missiles. 
  • Iron Dome is highly sophisticated
    One Iron Dome engineer has likened these incoming missiles to coke bottles flying several times faster than the speed of sound on an irregular course. Despite this, the Iron Dome has a high success rate.

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